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Dr Priya Sen, Dermatologist

Dr Priya Sen, Dermatologist
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The First micellar water inspired
by the skin

Bioderma is the inventor of micellar water, which is formulated for even the most sensitive of skin. This unique formula is what makes us first then, and first now.

Unique Biomimetic Molecules
Unique Biomimetic Molecules
  • Bioderma was the first to use micelle technology to create an effective yet ultra-gentle cleansing water.
  • Sensibio H2O is formulated with fatty acid esters, a special molecule that acts just like your skin's twin, with restorative properties that leave skin feeling soft and comfortable.
Highly Purified Water
Highly Purified Water
Sensibio H2O's base ingredient is highly purified water, completely free of impurities and irritants. This pharmaceutical grade of water makes the cleanser extremely gentle and a clear winner for sensitive skin.
Sensibio H20
The #1* Micellar Water

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